Supply Cup Charity Event

The LA Galaxy Soccer Center hosted the first ever 'Supply Cup', a 7 v 7 charity soccer tournament, featuring a number of prominent You Tube celebrities. The event was created by 'The Supply', a charity focused on transforming the lives of over one billion people currently living in urban slums through a unique education process. AJ Rafael, KevJumba, Dante Basco and WongFu Productions captained four teams through a round robin event where there was as much fun off the court as there was on it. Local television stations and the online soccer show, Kick TV were there to take in all of the action. Hundreds of spectators stopped by the event to cheer on their teams and many got the opportunity to meet their idols, share time on the field or to get a picture. AJ Rafael finally let his team to victory after a close 1-0 victory in the championship game. It was a great event that made a lot of money for an extremely worthwhile cause. Check out for more information.